The ShareBike system is a new Norwegian citybike system consisting of all the necessary components and services that are needed for automatic bike loan and efficient maintenance. ShareBike is not attached to advertising demands and can be delivered as a stand-alone product, built to fit your specific requirements.The system is a perfect match for cities, smaller municipalities, businesses and other customers that are looking for a functional, efficient and individual form of transportation.

The bicycles are produced in aluminum, for strength and low weight. They are equipped with easily adjustable seats with suspension, induction lights and a minimum of 3 gears – as well as a practical basket with room for a shopping bag or a small briefcase. The bike has somewhat smaller wheels than usual; giving it increased stability and making it easier to maneuver.

The stations can be delivered with different designs and in different sizes, with a set amount of bike places per unit and dedicated locks specifically for city bikes. The station is equipped with several alarms for increased security and easy maintenance.

You can loan a bike by using a dedicated user card, an electronic travel card, a mobile phone or by other means of identification, connected to a payment method. All the users of the system are identified, a critical element in modern city bike systems.

A central data system monitors and manages all the activities in the system. The data system is connected to the bikes and the stations through mobile broadband and the bikes can be delivered with GPS positioning. The system also offers a variety of user support services through the web or on smart devices (such as phones or tablets).

The ShareBike stations are delivered on small platforms that can easily be lifted into position making it possible to place a station on location without excessive roadwork or damaging the street surface.

The city bikes can be delivered with the necessary operational and monitoring services. If desired, the customer can also offer these services themselves as all the system’s parts consist of standard components that can quickly and easily be interchanged. Customers will receive all needed training.

Should you like a detailed presentation of the system, please contact us for a demonstration.