frequently asked questions

Introducing you to true bike sharing! Find more information on our bikes, station and system software below.


the bike

Our city bikes are designed with care; each detail is specifically designed to maximise user comfort and can easily be adjusted for different users. The bikes have a durable yet lightweight aluminium frame, vandal proof details, 3 gears, a no-friction dynamo light, as well as a practical basket and a smart phone holder. The bikes are intuitive, safe and easily manoeuvrable, ideal for getting around town fast.


the station

The ShareBike station can easily be installed above ground with multiple options for design, size and number of racks. The racks include a set amount of bike places per unit, as well as dedicated locks specifically for city bikes. Each lock has a RFID reader and a NFC antenna for flexible registration and unlocking bikes. The station is equipped with several alarms for increased security and easy maintenance, and includes an interactive 10” touch screen for communication, ticket purchase and system status.

sharebike account.png

the software

Our ShareBike software solution consists of the server, server and station manager, as well as client and maintenance apps. The functionalities include the station, bike and customer management, advanced reporting, as well as automated maintenance and alerts. The station software is highly adaptable and can work with almost any new or existing bike share hardware, as well creating synergies with existing transport schemes.