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ShareBike helps you put together an attractive and environmental solution 

Share e-bikes and cars in new residential areas


Property developers have restrictions on parking space and may often offer car- and bike sharing in order to build.

A good sharing service is required to enable sales of flats with less than 0,5 parking spot.


Ride Corporate – share e-bikes


Any downtown corporation with more than 20 employees should replace taxis and parking costs with e-bike sharing.

Lease a small corporate fleet of e-bikes and have employees ride corporate e-bikes when traveling around the city centre.

Includes app, charging infrastructure, operational care and even bike maintenance. 

Lease employee e-bikes


Allow employees to replace costly corporate parking and car leasing – with healthy e-bike leasing.

Implement a green mobility policy and offer e-bikes at a fixed, low monthly rate to all employees.

Beyond lower cost and a green mobility policy, you may get a health effect worth appr. EURO 1.6 per km ride with an e-bike.      

Replace taxi with corporate bicycle

Ride corporate - Go Urban

In city centre companies no longer go by company cars or taxi.

Going by e-bike is cheaper, faster, healthier, more sustainable, know...just more appealing.

Let´s talk about mobility

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