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In 2001, Jan Tore Endresen and design company Frost produkt AS embarked upon a journey to design, develop and implement the world's first bike sharing programme for Clear Channel. Since the launch of the first system, the SmartBike venture has been installed in more than 20 cities worldwide, such as Stockholm, Barcelona, Mexico City and Milano. 

In 2010, a new brand ShareBike was established, with the mission to provide a complete bike-sharing scheme to supplement urban transit and to solve the “last mile” problem. In 2014, UIP was awarded the contract for operating the new Oslo bike scheme, where ShareBike supplied the bikes and stations, and the software solution through joint collaboration. Sharebike also equiped the city of Baerum, Norway with 100 bikes and 10 stations.



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I remember the excitement when I launched the first ever bike sharing scheme for Clear Channel in 2001. Little did I know that bike sharing would revolutionise the way we move around.
— Jan Tore Endresen
Technical Manager
My life has always been about bikes, from bicycling in dynamic landscapes of Slovenia to tough biking trails in Norway. Cycling gives me sense of freedom whether it’s in a city, a village or in remote nature.
— Marko Marovt